Selling as we know it has shifted. Before, salespeople armed with price structure, territory and targets did fine as long as they managed their territory and produced results. Sales management provided oversight, bridged with corporate and could be hands-off.

Not today! A study by Docurated found that only one third of a sales rep’s day is actually spent selling, while another third is spent searching for or creating content. 25 percent goes to reporting, administrative and CRM-related tasks.

82 percent of sales reps feel challenged by the amount of data and the time it takes to research a prospect. Sellers today are different, and managers need to adapt.

Think of territories, customers and products as if they were a financial portfolio that you’ve invested in. Since your salespeople are part of that investment, you have to own their calendar, work flow and time management. This is not micro-management, because the rep doesn’t own the investment—the company does. So these are your new 7 new responsibilities!

This content was made possible by Tom Searcy. So big thanks to you Tom.

Tom Searcy is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and the foremost expert in large-account sales. His methods of unlocking explosive growth were developed through years of real-world success growing companies from less than $10 million to up to $200 million using a sales system he developed and implemented.

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