On today’s SBI Insider: Sales and Marketing Insights Video Podcast, we discuss how to develop and execute your sales enablement strategy. We will explain the how to’s and why it is a critical piece to your sales strategy.

02:20 Defining sales enablement
03:27 The 9 Steps of Sales Enablement Strategy
03:42 Step 1, Sales Enablement Charter
06:44 Step 2, Sales Content Development
08:00 Step 3, Sales Playbook
12:46 Step 4, Building a Technology Roadmap
14:18 Step 5, Sales Training
18:03 Step 6, Certification
20:17 Step 7, Gamification
22:50 Step 8, Sales Coaching
25:40 Step 9, Measurement

SBI Insider: Sales and Marketing Insights Video Podcast Summary:

Today, Dan Perry, Principal at SBI, is joined by SBI customer success manager, Eric Estrella to discuss the 9 steps needed to develop an effective sales enablement strategy.
During the episode, we will walk you through the “how to” of each step, from defining sales enablement to measuring sales enablement efforts. We’ll explain why you need a sales enablement charter, and a sales playbook. We will also demonstrate how to build a technology roadmap to support your sales enablement initiatives.
Then we will explain the importance of certification, gamification and sales coaching for sales enablement success. We’ll explore why these steps are key to adoption across the organizations.
We will wrap up the show by discussing how to measure success. What are the key metrics to look for in order to understand if your sales enablement strategy is working?
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