Challenges faced by managers of sales departments can often be solved with a change in perspective. In this video, I talk about how to manage a sales team by seeing challenges from your team’s point of view and helping salespeople do what they do best – sell.

Here are five common challenges faced by managers, and my suggestions for how to manage a sales team:

1. Non-compliance with writing reports

Salespeople hate doing reports. But you hound them because your superiors hound you. Push back on corporate. Say, “As long as my team produces, who cares how many calls they make? The only report that matters is our bank statement.”

2. Lack of motivation

Focus on your top producers – the 10% producing 90% of your results. When they lose their will to sell, figure out why and fix the situation. Invest in them, stay close, and solve issues that kill their drive.

3. Bad sales technique

Despite the training you provide, sometimes salespeople take shortcuts or form bad habits. Have team members continually sharpen their skills through distance learning and peer-to-peer interaction.

4. The dreaded sales slump

When salespeople are in a slump, they’re down on themselves. Show them you know they’ll come back. Don’t breathe down their necks. Just be supportive and remind them that sales slumps are temporary.

5. Big ego

Salespeople have big egos, and their self-esteem makes them successful. Don’t deflate them. Instead, leverage their ego by having them coach their meeker counterparts.

Remember that challenges faced by managers are problems for your team members, too. Do all you can to help them succeed. Here’s how to manage a sales team: Get in there and show them you care!

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