Webinar Panelists:
Tamara Schenk, Research Director, CSO Insights | Kiristin Allen, VP of Marketing, Kompyte

An important discussion for sales and business leaders as part of ‘2020 planning’: practical and inspiring tips and examples to balance evergreen best practices with key market-driven themes and trends that will matter in the new year.

In this 25 minute discussion moderated by MarTech Advisor editor-in-chief Chitra Iyer, we get practical about:

– What ‘smart selling’ will look like in the experience-driven B2B economy in 2020: a balance of evergreen best practices and market-driven trends
– Key trends impacting the emerging sales enablement landscape, including:
– Creating a winning seller and buyer experience
– The role of content: will less be more?
– New performance metrics for a new era
– Creating value with intelligence (the importance of problem diagnosis)
– A smart way to build a business case and drive the adoption of smart selling and sales enablement tools