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In this video, Richard McMunn teaches you how to pass a Sales manager interview, including advice on how to structure your answers, and more importantly, create answers for behavioral and situational type interview questions based on sales recruitment process.

Prior to attending your SALES MANAGER interview, we recommend you demonstrate the following skills, qualities and attributes that will help you to meet the requirements of the SALES MANAGER or TEAM LEADER job description and person specification.

– An ability to manage, motivate and lead a team;
– Be responsible for achieving organizational sales targets;
– Use innovative methods for securing sales leads and prospects;
– Ensuring trust is built between customers, prospects and your sales team;
– Encouraging and implementing ethical sales practices within the sales team you are responsible for.
– Using outstanding communication and interpersonal skills in order to achieve the company objectives and mission.

The questions contained within this guide will be suitable for all Sales Manager, Sales Area Manager and Regional Sales Manager interviews. These also include situational sales interview questions for managers.

Q. Tell me about yourself and why you want to become a Sales Manager?
Q. Why have you chosen our company to work for as a Sales Manager?
Q. What is the most important thing you would get your sales team to focus on when building relationships with prospects?
Q. What is the strongest sales account you have closed and how did you prepare?
Q. What difference will you make to our sales team and what are your objectives for year one within the role?

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