David Mattson, President & CEO of Sandler Training, sits down with Kristin Trone, business analyst for Inside Sales’ Momentum strategy division, to talk about the secrets of successful sales management. Get a Free Local Training Session: www.sandler.com/freesession

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Dave shares best-in-class tips…
Creating a consistent, structured business development process.
Properly managing, supervising and motivating your people.
Developing coaching plans to improve individual and team performance.
Creating a prospecting plan to help generate more revenue.
Conducting productive sales meetings.
Proper techniques for on-boarding new employees.
Generating a playbook for company success.

Are frustrated with current “under-performers”.
Have had enough of “missing revenue projections”.
Are concerned that their people aren’t following a consistent sales process.
Are worried about dwindling market share and increased competition.

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Recorded on Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 – 2PM EST. Part of the InsideSales.com Webinar Series.

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