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There are six critical mistakes that most sales managers make, and I don’t want you to make them. In this video, I go over these six common sales management errors, and what you can do to avoid them.

The first mistake is treating everyone on your team the same way. When it comes to sales, the truth is, you need to give more of your attention to your top performers.

The second mistake is about payment. Salespeople need incentives, and money is a big motivating factor. That’s why delaying payments is among the most critical mistakes that you can make.

The third of the sales management errors is gossiping. When you talk about the personal lives of clients or other salespeople, it kills morale.

Fourth, if you’re a sales manager do not withhold information from your team! Don’t try to be the person who knows everything. Share what you learn.

Fifth, is talking too much about yourself. Don’t relive your glory days with your team or with clients.

And the last of the critical mistakes that managers make is failing to block for the team. You need to make it easy for your team to do their jobs.

These are the six biggest sales management errors that I see. Avoid them, eliminate them, and sell more.

1:12 – Treating all salespeople the same.
3:23 – Not paying fast, fair, and frequently.
6:56 – Gossiping.
7:56 – Not sharing ideas with the rest of the team.
9:10 – Talking too much about yourself.
10:10 – Not bulldozing or blocking for the sales team.

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