Sales management involves the coordination of sales operations, developing a sales force, and implementing sales techniques that facilitate businesses to meet or surpass their sales targets. A sales management process not only helps businesses to attain their sales objectives but also allows them to stay in tune with market changes and grow with the industry.

Thus, a competent sales manager should manage sales effectively by building a team, implementing a profitable sales strategy, and making sales analysis. It is vital to hire an individual who will maximize profits while delivering the best value to customers.

To identify the right candidate for the sales manager position, interviewers need to prepare adequately by knowing the questions that will assess the knowledge and skills of the candidates. Likewise, it is vital to know the right answers to those questions. On that basis, we have compiled the top 20 sales manager interview questions and answers.

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1. What are the Daily Routines of a Sales Manager?
2. Why Do You Want to Be a Sales Manager?
3. Briefly Describe a Mistake You Made in Your Last Role and What You Learned From It
4. Given These Three Terms: Promotion, Money, and Recognition; Put Them in their Order of Importance.
5. Why is it Important to Have Sales people Who are Team Players?
6. What Three Things Do You Do to Establish Rapport with Prospects?
7. How Would You Help a Disappointed Sales person to Get Back to the Field?
8. How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated?
9. What Do You Understand by the Sales Process?
10. State the Seven Steps of the Sales Process
11. Why Do You Think You are the Best Candidate for this Job?
12. What Qualities Should a Good Sales Manager Possess?
13. What is the Biggest Challenge that You Foresee in this Job?
14. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
15. How Would You Monitor The Performance of Your Sales Team?
16. Describe Your Management Style
17. How Would You Handle an Underperforming Salesperson?
18. What Career Development Initiative Have You Taken in the Past 12 Months?
19. What are the Roles Performed By a Sales Manager?
20. What Do You Understand by a Sales Funnel?

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