Using OneNote for Sales Management might not be the most obvious choice for Sales Leaders however the functionality and flexibility included makes this a must have for Sales Management.

In this video we show how you can easily configure and start using OneNote for Sales Management. Specifically the video shows how OneNote can be adapted and used as a Sales Playbook.

The Sales Playbook is a one stop repository for everything a Salesperson needs to do their job. No more searching for files, flyers and pricing sheets. Everything is stored inside OneNote and available online for remote sales teams.

The Sales Playbooks are an essential tool for onboarding new Salespeople into an organisation and quickly ramping them up to your revenue generating point. The Playbook contains sections for Industry, Company and Work Colleagues. In addition there are sections for Sales Tools, Clients, and the all important Sales Process. To help Salespeople follow their sales process we have included specific sections for Sales Plays, Competition and Sales Content. Lastly to make sure your team is producive there are sections on KPI’s and Learning with fully integrated sales training and sales coaching modules each if which offers Assessment tools.

Hope you enjoy.

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