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Sales Management refers to a process of planning, developing, and implementation of sales techniques, sales operations, and sales force to achieve the sales target of an organization.

The objective of Sales Management also includes continued growth and achieving desired profits.

Role of the Sales Department

The role of the sales department is to align customer needs with the products and services of the organization.

– Goal Setting

One of the roles of the sales management team is to look at previous sales figures, think about the changes that need to be adjusted, and calculate an achievable target. This will help in sensible goal setting.

– Fixing up the Sales Quota

It is vital to fix the sales quota for each salesman after looking at the overall sales target

– Product, Pricing & Distribution Planning

It is the sales management team that is entrusted with contacting the customers, product development, product pricing, and distribution planning by selecting the right retailer, distributor, and wholesaler.

– Customer Service

The department puts its focus on customer satisfaction through surveys and questionnaires. It is important to handle all the customer issues timely to boost customer loyalty

– Promotions

The sales management department decides how the products are to be promoted to improve sales and generate revenues. It takes the help of contests, discounts, vouchers, sales promotion, event management, public management, and advertising campaigns for its purpose.

– Sales Forecasting

One of the most important roles of a sales team is sales forecasting. The department has to look at all the aspects of the past and present and make appropriate predictions for the future.

– Co-ordination

The sales department has to be in sync with all the other departments as coordination will help in boosting the sales figures.

– Managing the Sales-Force

The sales department manages the sales force through a proper selection and recruitment process, managing salaries and providing training opportunities.

Example – Apple

– Apple staff trained on the likes of Ritz Carlton

This video is on Introduction to Sales Management and it has the following sub-topics.

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0:00 Introduction
00:14 Sales Management – Meaning
00:37 Role of the Sales Department
00:58 Goal Setting
01:08 Fixing up the Sales Quota
01:30 Product, Pricing & Distribution Planning
01:51 Customer Service
02:08 Promotions
02:20 Sales Forecasting
02:38 Co-ordination
03:04 Managing the Sales-Force
03:32 Example – Apple

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