What are the five critical sales management tools that you need to focus on in order to drive success in your business?

The first tool is your profit and loss statement. This is critical to determining whether or not you’re successful. Look at this every month to figure out if you’re gaining or losing money. Find a way to measure it on an individual basis and reward your salespeople accordingly.

The second tool is video. Communication is essential for the success of your team. You can’t meet with everyone all the time. Videos allow you to motivate your team even when you’re not present.

The third of the sales management tools is your CRM, or client relationship management system. You need to be able to take notes on the performance of your sales team as well as your client relationships. You also need to be able to track the activity that’s going on in your sales pipeline.

The fourth tool is LinkedIn. LinkedIn acts as a database that will allow you to do deep research on people. You should do a LinkedIn search for everyone who you come into contact with. Find out who they’re connected to and then discover how you can help them grow.

The fifth and final tool is your calendar. Put every activity that you want to accomplish on your calendar and then stick to it as strictly as you possibly can. Only regard the activities on your calendar as real.

As a sales leader, it’s your responsibility to stay on top of the performance of your team. With these five sales management tools, you can stay informed and thus put yourself in a position to make the best decisions possible.

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